Valve Gets A Head Start On Steam Deck Q4 Reservations – Destructoid

Decks continue to unfold

Valve has once again beaten its estimates for Steam Deck reservations. Today the company confirms that it has sent out all bookings for the Q3 window.

The Q3 installment, running from July to September, is slightly ahead of pace, so Valve is already getting a head start on Q4. The store has already been updated with a new description, as it runs from September to December.

The Deck maker announced in July that it was meeting demand for the laptop earlier than expected. As such, Valve has started ramping up reservations further down the queue.

Now, it looks like those Q4 bookings are starting to roll out. So this is a public service announcement, for those of you waiting for Steam Deck tickets, to prepare your wallets.

More on deck

This isn’t the only Steam Deck news of the past few days, either. The official Steam Deck dock was on display during last week’s Tokyo Game Show 2022, as shared on sites like Reddit.

While some third-party solutions exist, the official Valve dock has been delayed. I’ve since purchased a powered USB hub for my own purposes, and it does a decent amount of what any docking station would do. But the ability to stall and park the deck in it, like a Switch dock, is a big part of the appeal.

No target window has been set for output from the Steam Deck dock. “We are working to improve the situation and will share more information when we have it,” read the official statement at the time.

Yet, as the dock is saved, the Steam Deck seems to fly off the production line. Those queuing for one shouldn’t wait too long to receive their reservation email.

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