Work and travel in Australia: work and surf

The wait is over for young backpackers. After nearly two years of lockdown, Australia is once again open to them as a destination for Work and Travel Migration (WAT). Many agencies offer their services to organize WAT events, organize information workshops, take care of obtaining visas, necessary documents and installation in the target country. For example the Travel Works in Münster. “School dropouts are in the starting block,” says Constance Sitz of Travel Works. Interest is high: Last week there was record attendance at an online information evening for interested parties.

The Australian state offers another incentive to bring young workers to the country temporarily: if you enter the country before April 19, 2022, everyone traveling on a Working Holiday Maker Visa will have to pay a visa application fee of 495 Australians. being received. dollars (about 310 euros). You can apply for a refund online through the Australian Government Visa Refund Portal.

Stephen Meyer, from the Overseas Information Portal, explains that this government proposal has been much appreciated by young people, but it is not decided whether or not to embark on the journey. However, it can be seen that many passengers are now booking within the refund period to take the cash with them. After all, it improves the travel budget: from 310 euros you can afford at least a three-day trip from Alice Springs to Uluru.

The jobs are varied, you can harvest oranges in South Australia, pick grapes on the Margaret River or pick apples in Tasmania. It is advisable to download the Australian Harvest Calendar to your mobile phone. For example, if you hire one on the Sunshine Coast to harvest ginger, you can surf Queensland’s dream beaches. Giant sheep farms, outback sheep stations, hip bars in major cities, construction sites and private homes are also seeking help. “Since the corona travel depression, we have also noticed increased demand in Australia for combining WAT and volunteer work,” says Stephen Meyer. In other words, young people want to earn something extra for their trip and at the same time want to invest time in something worthwhile. The minimum wage is currently 20.33 AUD, or about 12.95 EUR per hour, which is the highest in the world. However, the price level in the country is also high.

In any case, Australia attracts the youth of the world because the country needs them: because of its restrictive immigration policy, there is a lack of workers accepting unskilled temporary jobs in the low-wage sector. Expats only arrive on the fifth continent thanks to a simple points system, which serves mainly to attract qualified people in certain professional groups that are particularly sought after. The boatmen are stopped by cruel methods.

For those interested in WAT it’s simple: those applying for WAT visas must be between 18 and 30 years old, need a passport that covers entry abroad and valid travel health insurance two years, a round-trip plane ticket and proof of the amount of at least 5,000 Australian dollars (approximately 3,144 euros). The maximum duration of this stay is twelve months – and the stay cannot be repeated. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” says Konstanz Sitz. If that’s not enough: there are also combined packages for Australia and New Zealand.

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